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Cloud Support Sydney Norwest

Old network infrastructures where data is stored on your computer is a thing of the past. Cloud storage solutions are the affordable and safest way to store data and back up files whether you’re a work-from-home freelancer or a nationwide franchise. Most businesses have already made the move to cloud-based solutions due to the ease of accessing data no matter where you are on the globe. It also makes file=sharing with remote and hybrid staff extremely straightforward.

If you haven’t digitally transformed your company to the cloud, Busiconnect IT in Sydney can streamline the move from on-site data storage to a cloud-based storage solution that suits your requirements.

Not only can it save you physical onsite storage space (for example; server rooms), but it will also save on costs. You’ll never run out of filing space again, as you can always add more storage space as your company grows.

What is cloud support?

Cloud support means we can help move all your data and files so they can be securely stored via the internet with easy access on demand. Uploading all your files as an individual can be daunting enough without the need to upload and organise years worth of company resources.

We can use proactive network monitoring to ensure you are alerted to potential problems such as malware before it occurs. It ensures your data is always available to you, even in the event of a natural disaster or theft.

What are the benefits of using the cloud?

Save Money on IT

No longer will you have to outlay money for expensive computer servers to back up your company’s important data, including salaries for an onsite IT team.

Flexible Storage

Your cloud services can be easily upgraded or downscaled to meet the storage requirements of your company.

Supports Remote Business Access

Since the pandemic and the introduction of hybrid working situations, there’s never been a more important time to be able to access work files and business applications at the click of a button. As long as your employees have access to the internet, they will have access to everything required to carry out their work such as Office 365 or Google-based apps.


Cloud storage isn’t simply for those in multi-million dollar corporations. It’s charged by pay for what you use, so even if you’re a freelance graphic artist or a mum and pop business operating from the garage, cloud storage and cloud support is within your reach.

Zero Downtime

Accessible data 24/7 means your business applications and data are safe, even in the midst of natural disasters or power cuts which means improved productivity.

At Busiconnect IT, we provide cloud support by assisting you to discover the right cloud-based applications for your business, determine the right amount of storage and minimise your costs.

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What Our Client Say

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I have used Chris McLeay to help me on a number of occasions. He has been able to connect remotely and resolve my issues effectively and efficiently. This time he needed to work on my machine directly. His expertise and skill really shone through this time. My computer is running better than ever and with Chris’s recommended upgrades I am very satisfied. I recommend Chris without hesitation. (B.Mc)

Matrix Vision

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Busiconnect IT responded immediately to an urgent plea from Smoothstream to attend to a very sick laptop.
The problems found were many and varied but despite much difficulty, Christopher diligntly applied his skills and returned to us, in very quick time an as new machine.
Highly recommended by Smoothstream.


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Very honest and reliable supplier of services. Highly recommend Busiconnect IT to anyone looking to upgrade computers and needing managed I.T. services.

Library AV – Shane Clancy

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“I have worked with and been associated with Christopher at Busiconnect IT for close to 5 years. During this time Chris has serviced my PC’s and also provided and purpose built computers for my Company and also for my family. I have found Chris to be an expert in his field, personable and a trustworthy person. I have no hesitation in recommending Busiconnect IT to any person with respect to IT matters.”

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“Finding Busiconnect IT and using them for all our I.T. requirements has been a great decision. They respond so quickly to our calls for assistance and are able to fix our problems with great skill and efficiency. I thoroughly recommend Chris & his team at Busiconnect IT”


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