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Why your business needs a network assessment

Just like a doctor’s checkup, a computer network requires regular “checkups” or assessments. A computer network is a dynamic system with computers, servers, laptops, printers, routers, users, and software and despite the fact that these elements might be humming just fine, as they are added, removed, and changed over a period of time, you might not be aware of a major failure waiting to unfold if you do not proactively audit and assess your network.

It could be remote access that was given to a contractor at some point in time, but was never terminated. It could also be hardware related, such as an overheating server room or closet that’s gradually melting the plastic elements which can cause serious hardware malfunction or worse, fire.

Hardware is the backbone of any network and must be thoroughly checked to prevent any issues. Usually visual inspections quickly reveal any obvious problems. Dusty fans and power supplies are usually the first signs of trouble. Missing or non-working Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) is also a problem because it can gradually reduce hardware lifespan or set up the hardware for major failures.

Over the long run, software can also cause major problems if it’s not properly and proactively monitored and checked. The most notable issue is anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. When these two vital software components stop working or are not up to date, they can cause some serious issues and downtime.

One of the problems we notice most often is licensing issues. It could be that the business started with a small number of users and gradually grew bigger; however, the software licenses did not keep up with the growth. Or worse we’ve seen the case where one ex-employee installed a bootlegged copy of software that not only was not being used but was also creating a liability. We also come across many environments where there’s no clear software baseline across the network with mismatched Windows or Office versions.

What’s also amazing is the number of businesses in Baulkham Hills, the Hills District and in Sydney that are entirely running their network using home-grade networking equipment, such as wireless routers and switches with no firewall in sight. It’s like leaving your business front door open when you leave at night. Due to our reliance on information technology, so much can now be compromised through the network, such as financial information, customer records, passwords, credit cards etc. The risk is too high not to invest a few hundred bucks to secure your network.

We offer a  network assessment that covers hardware, software, network, security, and users. It usually takes 1 hour to do a thorough assessment. Once the assessment is done we will present you with a detailed assessment report and recommended next actions plan to remediate any issues and improve your network performance and your business productivity.