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Cloning Ambition
Clone your hard drive to keep your data safer…

After about 5 years of constant use and wear and tear, that part of your computer (called the Hard Drive) that stores all your data, photos, important documents and emails starts to have a limited lifespan. This device is mechanical and is made up of levers, spindles, and springs which do wear out. Its a bit like an old car where the engine is starting to shake and shudder when it starts getting old.

So what can we do about it before it dies, scratches off your data, or just gets too full? The answer is to clone the old Hard Drive onto a new Hard Drive whilst you still can. Once
your hard drive starts showing signs of ageing it may be too late.

Benefits of cloning your hard drive include…
  1. You know that your data is safe once again and your system should be able to operate for another 5 years (this is dependent on the other parts of the computer keeping their part of the deal).
  2. You have the opportunity to expand your storage space at the same time. I used to sell 500gig Hard drive for $100 but now I am selling 1 Terrabyte (twice as much space) for the same $100.
  3. You can sleep easier now.

    Special cloning deals are available for those in Sydney. Please contact us at Busiconnect I.T. if you want to know more.